1. 10.22.13

  2. Today was the second first official broadcast of NöRDIC BEåTS this semester. Last week’s broadcast was a little wonky, so I will probably be playing some of those songs soon because they were awesome and I wouldn’t want you to miss them.

    Check out the new Azure Blue album here.

    Also, enjoy the Sigur Rós concert tonight if you get to go.


  3. just another monday. had some good new releases by foals and chvrches.

    if you liked the show or missed it, i would recommend taking a listen to A Camp, Rubik, and Taken By Trees. but of course i love all the songs i put on the air~~~~~*

    next week all foreign language broadcast!

    dj SMöRGåSBORD

  4. Wöw today was quite the broadcast with all the complications. But if you were there, thanks for tuning in.

    Icelandic music has definitely been the hardest for me to track down so far this semester. You have some great staples like Björk and mum but there isn’t quite the same breadth of trashy pop (which i löve btw) as Denmark. But very happy to share with you all some of my discoveries. 

    Be sure to check out the rest of the Pascal Pinon album “Twosomeness” because they are kul. 

    takk fyrir að hlusta á KWUR 90.3 FM

    dj SMöRGåSBORD

  5. 03.25.13 all NORWEGIAN broadcast

    SØ many good tracks today, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Shout out to Lily Cheng for some great suggestions recently, including Young Dreams.

    Things to be excited about:

    -Riot Factory records

    - Bergen, Norway


    takk for å lytte

    dj SMöRGåSBORD

  6. It was such a hard setlist to choose! So much good Swedish music. Had to cut the song “Shine” by Skatan for time constraints, but I totally recommend Skatan if you like Soley and husky female voices.

    New releases today included The Beards, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and a new favorite of mine, Blue Hawaii.

    Tack för att lyssna på and next week (following the recent trend) I will have and all-Norwegian broadcast.


  7. KIITOS KAIKILLE för lystening

    Really excited about the set today, Finland holds a special place in my heart




    thanks for listening today to my dänish music themed SHØW

    tune in next week for another scandinavian musical portrait

    dj SMöRGåSBORD

  9. Just a few däys låte……

    dj SGB


    happy välentine’s day alla